Date: 03/26/23


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Price List

Internet access including five (5) E-mail addresses and ten meg of web space for personal home page.

Rates listed below do not include applicable tax.

Unlimted Dial-up Internet Service - Three (3) Months @ $38.85

Residential High Speed DSL Basic (Lite) - One (1) Month @ $24.77

Residential High Speed DSL Ultra (5M) - One (1) Month @ $31.77

In Home Internet Setup per Computer @ $24.99

Acceptance Mark

PayPal is the authorized payment processor for ElmRij Networks Inc.

The term "unlimited" in the phrase "unlimited dial-up Internet", "unlimited dial-up Internet access", or "unlimited dial-up Internet service" is used by ELMRIJ to indicate an Internet service product whose cost to the customer does not change regardless of the number of hours the customer uses the service. The term thus distinguishes from Internet products where additional fees are charged to the customer if the customer uses the service beyond a set limit of hours.

The dial-up user agrees that the term "unlimited" does not bind ELMRIJ to guarantee access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the account holder.

The dial-up user agrees that the term "unlimited" does not indicate dedicated service and understands that the telecomminication equipment, telephone lines and computer equipment used to provide the service are being shared by all ELMRIJ customers and as a result if demand is high may be unavailable for short periods of time.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Prices listed above do not include applicable tax.